Children's imagination does not have boundaries, through training on 3D printing we teach them how to transfer their crazy ideas to the real world. During the training the little ones can learn the secrets of 3D printing by FDM method and familiarise with other means of rapid prototyping.


During the training, they will face an attempt of making a simple design in CAD and will prepare models for printing. Each participant will have an opportunity to see for themselves, step by step, how to prepare a 3D model and 3D printer before taking action, how does the printing process proceed, and also familiarise with the finishing of the printed element.


Trainings are adjusted according to the age of the participants, so at our training no one will be bored. For the youngest children this is an interesting adventure and a way of learning about today's innovative world where 3D printing is becoming more and more important feature. Older children and youth can learn about the new technology, its secrets, advantages and disadvantages. It can be a great opportunity for them to unlock an inner passion or hidden talent.



In addition to 3D printing by 3D printers, we provide the great fun with magical markers called doodlers – thanks to them everyone can see that 3D printing is not easy, nonetheless, worth discovering.

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